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Well, we now know how the Squad will look in their upcoming movie.

  I hate Captain Boomerang's look.  There's no way around it, I hate it.  If that's supposed to be Enchantress to the right of Rick Flag, I'm not overly fond of her look, either.  Killer Croc looks okay, I guess.  Basically a green version of the the Thing from the Tim Story Fantastic Four movies, but green.  Then again, it was either that or motion capture if you wanna keep Croc normal human-sized.  Slipknot, I really can't talk about as my only real exposure to him as Wonder Woman and Green interrogating him in Identity Crisis, but I guess it works.  I don't have any real thoughts on his comic costume either way.

  That said, I do like the other costumes.  Rick Flag's outfit looks pretty good, as though I kind-of expected that.  El Diablo's costume is a damn sight better than his New 52 get-up.  Deadshot looks pretty good and does evoke Deadshot, and Will Smith posted on his Facebook that, yes, Deadshot will indeed wear the mask.  Harley looks pretty good, not that different from her Batman: Arkham City and Injustice Insurgency looks.  Katana is based on her New 52 counterpart, which works; it's more creative that Katana's Beware the Batman look, even in-universe (Seriously, she just dons a domino mask with her normal clothes).
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  Well, the next sequel to The Dark Knight Returns is called Batman Vs. The Master Race.

  Really, DC?  Did you learn nothing from The Dark Knight Strikes Again and All-Star Batman & Robin fiascoes?  Wasn't there a reason you didn't painted that racist, bigoted waste of paper called Holy Terror (and as :iconlinkara: pointed out, despite what Miller said otherwise, there's nothing really changed aside from the names of the characters)?  And, no, Miller being in poor health doesn't change the fact that he's a horrible person and DC shouldn't been giving him more money.  Then again, this is from the same company that refuses to see that the New 52 has failed and refuse to pull the plug on it.

UPDATE: Well, it seems the original title as Batman & Superman Vs. The Master Race, so that seems to imply Superman wouldn't be a villain in the story--then again, this is Frank Miller, so that doesn't make me feel any better.   Also, apparently, according to either Brad "Cinema Snob" Jones and/or Radio Dead Air host, Nash Bozard, Mr. Lovhaug took ten minutes out of filming the AT4W movie to, no one's surprise, rant about Miller's latest entry.

  Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the point of The Dark Knight Returns was that it was supposed to be the story of Batman's final adventure?  Doesn't the existence The Dark Knight Strikes Again and Batman Vs. The Master Race negate that fact?
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Well, we now know how Jared Leto will look as the Joker.

My thoughts?  I could live without the "Damaged" tattoo on his forehead, but I'm glad we're back to the permaclown look of traditional Jokers and there's at least a basis for the Joker, unlike Lex Luthor, to have tattoos (granted, it's All-Star Batman and Robin, which sucks, but there's a basis).

UPDATE: Well, this seems the tattos and grills were only for promotional purposes as the pic was released for the Joker's 75th anniversary and that he'll be without them in the actual film itself.  Well, hopefully, that'll make people happy.
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